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Dr. Ahmed Kamel

Executive Partner

Dr. Ahmed Kamel

Ahmed is a senior Business Development Executive, with a prior 20+ years operating experience at Major Multinationals. He holds a PhD in Chemistry from Lehigh University and speaks English, Arabic, and French. He attended Victoria College High School in Egypt where he forged excellent relationships with a number of current governing and business leaders in the Middle East.

In 2005 he started a management consulting business that:

advised on the development of the business strategy for the Susan Mubarak Regional Center for Women Health and Development, in Alexandria, Egypt and developed a strategic plan to grow the business of an international law firm, operating in the US and Egypt, and with which he maintains a consulting relationship.

His consulting efforts for STRATEGIC EXPANSION PARTNERS are focused on providing access of US and European businesses to businesses in the Middle East, especially in the Arabian Gulf region and Egypt.

During his corporate career, Ahmed established a reputation for being a versatile and effective executive with achievements in the areas of Research & Development, Supply Chain, and Globalization. He held assignments of progressively increasing responsibilities with Tektronix, Unilever, PepsiCo, Warner-Lambert, Pfizer, and Cadbury-Schweppes where he applied his strong leadership and analytical skills to deliver financial results.

He initiated the development of technologies that led to the launch of a number of successful commercial products in the Electronics and Consumer Products fields.

He led a global taskforce that successfully streamlined the product portfolio of Pfizer’s Adams Division leading to $ 20+ Million in cost savings through supply Chain efficiencies and procurement contracts negotiations.

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